Slow Baked Short Ribs

The beauty of slow cooking brings out the delectable flavors of this short ribs. The simplicity of pantry staple spices coupled with red wine makes this dish unbelievably delicious. The carrots and onions have the right texture and sweetness. The meat is fork tender. This recipe does not have a lot of sauce but you…

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Tahini Roasted Salmon Steaks

This incredibly easy and simply delicious salmon recipe is one of my newest creations. I am absolutely in love with it and so is hubby. We eat salmon regularly in my household so I am always searching for and creating new recipes. I developed this version of salmon steaks in honor of date night. The…

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Slow-Cooked Breast of Veal

This breast of veal recipe is unbeatable. You cannot go wrong with the tender, succulent and super delicious flavor that comes with the fattiness of breast of veal. It’s a very easy to prepare meal in one pan. The slow cooking allows the meat to become very tender while soaking up the seasoning flavors. The…

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