15 Centerpiece Entrees | Dress Up Your Holiday Menu

Holidays are for gathering around the dinner table with family and friends, while splurging on magnificently delicious foods. We’ve curated 15 delightful entree recipes that are sure to be the centerpieces on your smorgasbord. Easy preparation to make ahead main course ideas will make your life easy, save you time and give you an opportunity to truly engage in conversation. These entrees can be easily doubled if you are planning to cook for a larger crowd. Selection includes mouthwatering seafood, tender meats, juicy poultry and hearty pasta. The shrimps and the rack of lamb can both be converted into appetizer portions. Don’t be shy, make a few of these dishes and enjoy! Happy Cooking! Links to Centerpiece Entree Recipes:

Shrimps Fra Diavola This recipe is perfectly delicious and spicy . The spiciness can be toned down and the recipe can easily be doubled, tripled or can be served as an appetizer.

Baked Whole Sea Bass A richly scrumptious recipe that is easy to make. The flavors will take your breath away. Recipe can be adapted to feed more – double or triple.

Salmon Rockefeller You and your guests will not be able to get enough of this entree. It’s easy to pull together and the flavors are absolutely perfect. Recipe can be easily converted to feed a larger group.

Braised Oxtails This is a great make ahead entree. The flavors are even better if made up to a day in advance. The recipe can also be finished in the oven. This is a whole lot of finger licking goodness.

Brown Stew Turkey So you think turkey is just for roasting and baking? This easy recipe will change your mind. Succulent, fall off the bone with magnificent flavors. This recipe can also be finished in the oven.

Baked Ziti Casserole A family favorite that will delight you and your guests. Bursting out the seams with magnificent flavors. Great make ahead entree.

Braised Duck Legs Beautiful flavors and super tenderness comes together perfectly in this recipe. The bones will be left naked so make extra. Recipe can also be finished in the oven and a day old makes it taste even better.

Mac and Cheese Lasagna So you love Mac and cheese as much as you love lasagna? This recipe will blow your mind to flavor heaven. And it’s even better as a make ahead entree.

Shoulder Lamb Chops The delightful herbs marinated flavors will create a tremendous amount of happiness. Be sure to make extra.

Ribeye Roast | Garlic Stuffed A simple rib roast that comes alive with garlic. Dracula will have nothing on this guy. Don’t be afraid of garlic, it’s good for you and everyone will be eating this precious mouthwatering darling. Make two of these adorables to feed a crowd.

Veal Porterhouse Steaks Oh my! Veal does not get any tastier or easier to make. So much great flavors that strengthens with time. So go ahead and add to the make ahead menu.

Roasted Rack of Lamb This is a showstopper for sure. Make a couple of racks or three racks for that matter because the bones will be sucked dry. What’s more you can also serve this as an appetizer. Whichever way you choose to serve this lamb it will be enjoyed by all who dare to pick up one of these flavorful rack.

Roasted Porcini Chicken This is an extraordinary flavorful roasted chicken with a whole lot of tenderness. So moist and tender it will be your star centerpiece with style. So go ahead and make two or three of this masterpiece.

Chicken Breasts This showstopper will have tastebuds dancing to the flavors of wilted basil and melted provolone cheese. Go right ahead and whip up a double recipe for your crowd. You will become the darling gourmet cook for sure.

Butter Chicken Cacciatore She is a splendidly tender buttery flavored chicken. Can be finished in the oven and double or triple recipe to feed a crowd.

Short-ribs with Farfale Wow! Shortribs and pasta together – what a brilliant idea filled with amazingly simple flavors yet it’s so tasty. Leftover tastes really good so go ahead and make it ahead. Double or triple the recipe for a feast.

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