Dining Table Decor Makeover | Neutral Layout is a Designer’s Dream

Travel through an inside look of a modest Dining Table Decor Makeover. Changing from an overcrowded dinner table with black and white tones and oversized candles has truly made the space more inviting. Neutral Colors, coordinating gold and silver tones with lots of natural lighting gives a brighter and relaxing vibe. Can you imagine? Polka dots dinnerware with matching flatware! Yes, that really came to life. And pairing them with metallic gold and silver napkins and napkin rings worked brilliantly. An interior designer’s dream for sure. This inviting and calming space makes everyday a special formal yet relaxing dining experience. Centerpiece designed by https://www.etsy.com/shop/LesFleursCh…‚Äč. She does amazing custom wreaths for all season and holidays. (This is not a paid promo). Enjoy the YouTube video tour.

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