Favorite Chef Competition 2023

It’s a privilege and a blessing that I was ACCEPTED to compete for the coveted title of Favorite Chef in the Favorite Chef Competition 2023.

WOW! What an amazing opportunity. Newsworthy, I’ve been accepted to compete in the Favorite Chef Competition 2023. It’s such an honor and blessing. Winning the coveted title of Favorite Chef affords the opportunity to showcase my culinary talent, while providing an enhanced status as a formally Trained HomeChef. Additionally, it will provide the funds to donate to one of my favorite charities – Feeding America. To win the competition, your help and support is needed. Therefore I’m asking each of YOU to vote when the voting go live on Monday, June 12, 2023. Read more about the competition at FaveChef.com.

Further, the Favorite Chef 2023 will be selected based on ranking number one (#1) via public voting. Importantly, as mentioned, I’m asking all of you to vote for me Yasmin Rasheed. Voting opens on Monday, June 12, 2023 at 10:00AM PDT (1:00PM EDT). Click this direct VOTING link to vote, Yasmin Rasheed. Be sure to enlist your friends, family, colleagues and anyone you know to cast their vote. Each voter gets one (1) free vote daily – every 24 hours. Moreover, read more about how the voting works and how you can earn additional votes by donating on FaveChef.com

Why you should vote for Yasmin Rasheed to become Favorite Chef 2023?

Importantly, cooking is part of my DNA. For as long as I can remember, I learned to cook side by side with my late Mom, Juliet. As a child, growing up in Guyana and not having a lot of money, culinary creations were sold for “spending money”. Additionally, cooking for potluck gathering during my financial career was such a joy. The reviews were always awesome.

Also, attending Culinary schools were a dream fulfilled. And this helped build confidence and improved my skills. Graduated with honors (Deans List) in 2018 from International Culinary Center, NYC with a certificate in “The Art of International Bread Baking.” And in 2022, gaining my diploma in Culinary Arts from the prestigious school, Institute of Culinary Education in NYC. Once again graduating with honors, a culinary journey highlight.

Another important reason to vote Yasmin for Favorite Chef 2023, is the amazingly delicious recipes developed and shared via JulietKitchen.com. and YouTube Channel. And finally, here are a couple of the comments about the delicious food… “My grandma makes the best cheesecake.. but, I’m afraid to tell her that Yasmin’s cheesecake is the best ever.” This was literally one of the very first comments that helped to build confidence. One frequent beloved comment, “You out did yourself.” There are so many more confident building comments along the culinary journey that lead to this stage of competing.

Learn more about the FavChef Competition 2023...

The winner in Favorite Chef Competition 2023 will win $25,000 and an opportunity to appear in a 2-page advertorial in Tase of Home Magazine. Learn more about Favorite Chef Competition 2023 at FavChef.com and check out the Tase of Home Magazine at TasteofHome.com. Additionally, Favorite Chef proceeds from donation supports an amazing cause – Learn more about the James Beard Foundation at JamesBeard.org.

Once again, public voting determines the winner. Therefore please vote for Yasmin starting June 12, 2023 at 10:00am Pacific Day Time (PDT); i.e., 1:00pm Eastern Day Time (EDT). Thanks a million and Best Regards!

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